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 .3. For later on.

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.3. For later on. Empty
PostSubject: .3. For later on.   .3. For later on. Icon_minitimeSun Mar 13, 2011 3:14 am

I can see this site is very inactive...and I would like to be ThunderClan leader sometime when I'm a warrior since I can see there's not many active people o3o

Cat Name: Rattlekit (Later Rattlesnake)

Clan: Thunder

Site Activeness: Every day n.n

Why You Would Like This Rank: Because I can see that this site is inactive and that there are no other ThunderClan members that have been on in a while. I also wish to re-activate this site by giving it an active ThunderClan leader, and in the future, encourage more people to join and become active again. This is a very well-made site, and it needs good, active leaders.

What You Would Do As This Rank: I would lead ThunderClan through hard times and always make the better decision for the good of my Clan, even if it hurts me. I would teach younger cats the skills they need to become the forest's greatest warriors, and guide them in the will of StarClan. I would give respect to the elders and those older than me even if I do not get along with them. I would fight with the courage of fire and show the forest what a strong, well-respected Clan ThunderClan is.

What You Know About This Rank: (A lot of the things from above ^^') They guide the younger and respect the old, are not afraid to take advice if needed. They lead their Clans into battle and lead them out of darkness all with the same bravery. Leaders are the heart oftheir Clan, and without them, it would die.

Why You Would Deserve This Rank: (Again, many aspects mentioned above) Because I promise to be very active and I promise not to abuse my power with all my heart. I have been a leader on other sites and by the perspectives of others I seem to do well at this. I would only fight battles with other Clans if absolutely needed, not run them into pointless violence and blood.

I know I'm a kit right now, but please consider this? <Very Happy
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.3. For later on.
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